Cheat Ninja Saga Token

Cheat Token Ninja Saga Terbaru  2011, Bagi teman-teman yang hobby maen game yang satu ini!! tidak ada salahnya mencoba Cheat Ninja Saga 2011 ini. Sekedar berbagi bagi fans of Ninja Saga Facebook Game. Check this out ;

• All missions Instanes
· Mission Premiums Cracker (you can do without the Ninja Emblem)
• 1 Hit K.O. Fix House Hunting BOSS (all House Hunting mobs die a Hit, including those that are two simultaneous)
Special · Mission 10K, 10.5K, 18K, 15K, etc., Placed in different sections (Grade E & D) to be executed up to 2 times each.
Jounin Chunin Exams & · instant.

· All BOSS Level 1 (all MOBs of House Hunting accessible from level 1)
· Golden Hack Mission # 1
Giant Dummy · Aniversary BOSS
· Remove Skill (you can remove all the skills of an element to change it to another)
Instant · hallowe’en Missions (missions added Halloween and ready to run)
· Golden Hack # 2 Add (a fast and effective way to raise money, read below)
Add · TP Hack Mission
Add · experiencie Hack
Add Attribute Points · RESET
News: What brings back the cheat? To begin, I start explaining the new Gold Hack, this is only place in the DB shop_new.swf Fiddler (which is within 0.6 DBs DreadRoots Shop Hack Gold +), go to Shop, and buy the Gold, ready we will have 10 million gold instantly!. Be careful with this, the admin of NS, are banning any account that has 9 ~ 10 digits of Gold, so do not abuse it if they do not want to be banned.
The second feature is the Point Talent Hack, which is simply to perform the mission that is in the E Grade section, and will have 10 of TP instantly, this mission can be performed as often as you want.
The third feature, is a hack of experience, how we use it?, Very easy, this time will place in the Fiddler shop_new.swf file (which is within the Hack 0.5Shop DBs DreadRoots Exp +), then go to Shop, you’ll see that there are 3 options, one of them to win 10/100K Experience, and another to update the character, you have to do is “buy” the experience they want, then go and “buy” and Char Update wait a few minutes (approximated 5 ~ 10 min), because you have to process information if they buy the experience, updated the character, but relodean Web / Game once, they give little XP, so, wait a few minutes, then reloaded Web / Game. Warning: Do not exceed 20/40 Level without performing their missions before Chunin / Jounin, if not instantly ban you.
For ultimæ, Reset Attribute Points, as its name suggests, this hack allow to reset all your points to put them back. No more, I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy!

Saga Ninja Hack – How to use
Well, it’s very easy, all you have to do is:
· Download a program called Fiddler (see below)
• Once installed, run it, and go to the AutoResponder tab
· Located in the same, tick Enable Automatic Responses options and Permit pass …
· When you do the latter, you’ll see that below will blank the box, they are going to do is drag all the files from the hack (Database) and drop them within this “black box.”
· Summer is loaded all the files in the program with the prefix “REGEX: (? Insx ).*”, if this is so, it means that everything is perfect.
• Once done the previous steps, we can only open the browser (preferably Firefox or Google CH), clean the cache, and enter the Game.
• List to use, ENJOY!
Ninja Hack Saga – Downloads
· Ninja Saga Hack:: Databases v0.6 (MegaUpload)
· Ninja Saga Hack:: Databases v0.6 (MediaFire)
· Ninja Saga Hack:: Fiddler

Ninja Hack Saga – F.A.Q
Q: What do I need to run the Cheat?
A: To run this cheat, it is essential to use the Fiddler, which can be downloaded right here
Q: Download the Fiddler and the files, now what do I do?
A: If you got this problem, obviously not you read the post, which you have to do is follow the steps in the post
Q: Can you send the cheat, or link the subject every time I upgrade?
A: Do not waste time to ask this because I simply will not do it, I have the time to send the item or cheat everyone who asks me, plus it is very simple fixed from time to time
Q: When are you going to do a cheat Token?, Could you make a cheat Token or modify a mission to win?
A: This question, among some variations but in the end is the same as I say, if it were so easy, I would have. Do not waste time to ask, ever notice when I have news, stay calm.
Q: When thou shalt make a hack of TP?
R: Like the previous answer, I let you know whenever you have news, do not worry
Q: Could you make a new experience hack?
A: All you need is what you can do with the issue of experience, if you can find a method to it, will be posted.
Q: Could you make a hack to have all the weapons of the Boss?
A: This was patched / fixeado long ago, can hardly make a new method for the same
Q: I work the Mission Gold Hack, Why?
A: Simple, if it does not work, because you’re not doing the steps, if you clean the cache, and the DBs have well placed, the cheat will work perfectly
Q: What is the Gold Hack?
A: It is the first mission, Mission Gold Hack, only has to be made, please refresh the web / game and will have items in your inventory to sell
Q: Cuantaos levels can be uploaded per day without you banned?
A: There is an answer to this, as you can ban by uploading a level, or top 10 in a day, or perhaps never banearte. But keep in mind that when using a cheat Ban the possibility will always be
Q: The missions of 10K, 12K, etc., Can you do 2 times a day or only 2 times?
A: These missions can only be done 2 times, then began throwing error. When the count of missions say “2″, no longer possible
Q: If I kill the BOSS of a hit with the Cheat, “Drop the gun?
A: Sure you can, just a matter of luck, are rates
Q: BOSS can kill only once a day?
A: Yes, if you try to kill again, I disconnected
Q: Why I can not learn Skill instantly?
A: Because unfortunately, no longer works, only serves to remove
Q: Why can not I see TP for Mission?
A: Just because you have not cleared the cache, clean and ready.
Q: Why can not reset my points?
A: This is because you have not cleared the cache in your browser, do it and then try again.
Q: Why to buy XP with no Hack gives me or give me any?
A: Because you’re not waiting long enough to process all the data, give it time and work.
Q: Why is the screen goes white?
A: If this happens is that they have fixeado Point Reset Hack, all you have to do is disable the Fiddler and ready
Q: Why do I get the 5 missions Chunin / Jounin to do?
A: Because you are using an old file

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